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Lambskin Condoms

Many people do not know that there is a choice when it comes to condoms in Canada. Often, people assume that all condoms are made from the same latex material. The truth is that lambskin condoms have been used effectively for centuries to prevent pregnancy.

What Are Lambskin Condoms?

The names of these condoms confuse some people who have never seen them before. They actually look very similar to latex condoms but the material from which they are made is different. Lambskin condoms are made from the cecum of a sheep, which is part of its intestine. This does not sound very appealing but this material, when thinly prepared, allows sensation to pass through to you without letting any substances pass through it. Discerning men relied on these membranes to prevent pregnancy for hundreds of years before latex manufacturing became possible.

Lambskin Condoms vs Latex Condoms

Since latex condoms are so prevalent in the marketplace, you might wonder why you should buy lambskin condoms. Educating yourself about these matters is always helpful. There are some unique advantages to using lambskin condoms rather than latex. However, you should also know that you miss out on certain qualities of latex when you choose this sort of condom. Ultimately, it is up to the buyer to understand the choice in front of him and decide which alternative will fulfill his needs best.

The benefits of lambskin condoms are mostly sensory. If you have never seen these before, you may be under the impression that latex condoms are quite thin. Actually, lambskin condoms feel even thinner. They permit the passage of much more sensation than you may have ever experienced with latex. The natural, animal membrane allows the passage of body heat much more effectively.

Furthermore, you do not risk latex allergies with this natural substance. You can use oil-based lubricants with lambskin condoms, too. The material biodegrades so you do not have to worry about mucking up the environment when you are seeking pleasure.

There are some drawbacks to lambskin condoms that may be important to certain buyers. For example, these condoms are just as good at preventing pregnancy as latex condoms. The pores in the material are too small to permit the passage of sperm. However, they are not so small that they prevent the passage of certain sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV. If protection against STI's is your concern, then lambskin is not the choice for you. If you are reasonably secure about the health of your partner and simply want to avoid a pregnancy, buy lambskin condoms and see how well they work.

Cost is another factor for many people. Condoms made from lambskin are more expensive than those made from latex.

Many people in the public agree about the advantages of lambskin condoms. A recent reviewer posted a comment online to the effect that wearing these condoms feels like wearing nothing at all. They seem to be the next best thing to not using any protection.

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